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About this product

Timeless and eternal are the perfect descriptors for this smooth sleek diffuser. Resting on your pulse point, the aroma benefits stay with you aromatically and topically. Enjoy a day filled with these power packed benefits and you might just feel like you’ve defied father time. To remind you of your potential, a Swarovski crystal is suspended dancing with light, just like your inner child. SIZE: ONE SIZE   ** HOW TO USE ------------------------------------------------------------ SIMPLY PUT A FEW DROPS OF ESSENTIAL OIL DIRECTLY ONTO THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR DIFFUSER, LET IT SOAK INTO THE BAMBOO FELT, AND ENJOY!   ** DIFFUSER ------------------------------------------------------------ THE BAMBOO FELT DIFFUSER IS PERMANENTLY SECURED. DEPENDING ON THE STRENGTH OF YOUR ESSENTIAL OIL, THE AROMA WILL FADE IN 1 TO 2 DAYS, NATURALLY CLEANSING ITSELF TO MAKE ROOM FOR YOUR NEXT ESSENTIAL OIL.


• Made in United States • Weight: 2 oz (56.7 g)

Doterra Direction Diffuser Bracelet - Natural Brass

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