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Stronger Brains

An 8-12 week evidence-based approach to developing your child’s mental discipline, focus, impulse control, social skills, and resilience.

A Stress-Free, Fun, and Effective Approach to Help Your Child Thrive Socially and Academically

Say goodbye to the days of waiting for the phone to ring from school about the latest focus or impulse control issue, or feeling powerless to help when your child comes home distraught over yet another esteem-crushing experience with their peers.

Stronger Brains combines the best of neuroscience and learning research to help your child build their cognitive skills from the inside, out.


The Stronger Brains Program Has Helped
Children 10-18 Struggling with:

  • Focus

  • Impulse control

  • Emotional regulation and awareness

  • Understanding facial expressions and body language

  • Making friends

  • ADHD

  • Executive function disorder

  • Dyslexia

  • Auditory processing disorder

  • Slow visual or auditory processing

Parent Reviews

I’ve done other programs in the past that have not helped me, but this has been different."


Brain Training that Gets Results!

200+ peer-reviewed studies have rigorously tested and shown Stronger Brains’ neuroplasticity-based exercises to have positive impacts for children with cognitive, social, and mental health challenges.

Improvements have included:

  • 10% better processing speed (visual and auditory)

  • 14% better attention

  • 25% better executive control

  • 8% better working memory

  • Fewer emotional problems

  • Decreased hyperactivity

  • Fewer conduct problems

  • Fewer peer problems

  • Fewer total difficulties

  • 80% of children showed overall positive gains in behavioral regulation and resilience

  • 56% of kids at risk for mental health challenges were no longer at risk after strong brains

Even better? These improvements continued 2 months after finishing the Stronger Brains program!


Let’s Be Honest —
More Discipline Isn't the Answer.

And it doesn’t feel good, for you or your child. It’s time to stop the cycle of sleepless nights, wondering how you can build your child up so they can have the bright future you want so deeply for them…


Developed by one of the World's Leading Experts in Neuroplasticity

Considered the forefather of neuroplasticity, Dr. Michael Merzenich has published nearly 300 studies on how the brain learns and effective training to build the skills of learning-disabled and movement-disabled children and adults.


Stronger Brains is the culmination of Dr. Merzenich’s research and first-hand experience helping children with different cognitive baselines develop the skills they need for a lifetime of thriving.

River Rapids

Brain Training That Nourishes Your Child’s Mind from the Bottom, Up

Asking your child to focus or control their impulses when their brains don’t have the foundational skills is like someone asking you to do a backflip with zero practice.


Stronger Brains nurtures the underdeveloped parts of your child’s brain and strengthens their brain’s underlying capacity to manage their impulses, focus, and relationships with less stress and more fun!


Get Your Child as Excited About Learning as Their Favorite Games!

Gamification replaces the old and ineffective systems of repetition and memorization for a more fun and engaging approach to learning.


Research has linked gamification with improved learning outcomes:


  • Up to 89.45% improvement for overall student performance

  • Lasting improvements for attention in 73% of children with ADHD

  • Feeling more motivated to learn

  • 60-70% improvement in recall compared to auditory and visual lessons

  • 300% increase in homework completion rates

  • Feeling more engaged in the learning process

  • Completing tasks 57.5% faster



Glow with pride as your child skillfully manages impulses, stays focused, and makes new friends.

The StrongerBrains Program


Timeline: 8-12 weeks

Schedule: 3-5 sessions/week (40 total)

Session Length: 30-45min

Location: Online

Format: Self-paced

Program Features:

  • Pre and Post Assessment to collect baseline data and determine progress

  • Weekly 15-minute check-in with RSW Founder and School Psychologist Joy Melton

  • Real-time reporting on your child's progress and performance

  • Achievement badges to keep your child motivated and engaged in their progress

Each 30-45 minute session takes your child through 5 modules of exercises designed to progressively strengthen their mental, emotional, and relational skills.


Program Modules

Mindful reflection exercises help your child become aware of their thoughts, and emotions.

These exercises help your child learn to connect with their internal experience, empowering them to choose how they'd like to act with thoughtfulness and intention.

Mindful Reflection

Brain and Body Check-ins

This module begins with a mind-body scan to help your child connect more easily with their internal experiences.


Growing their emotional awareness is the first step to regulating their emotions, focus, and impulses.

Learn About Your Brain

This module involves a series of short educational videos to teach your child about how their brain works.


Lessons include 1-10 minute videos on mindfulness, brain plasticity, attitude, sleep, the emotional brain and lizard brain, and exercises for self-management.

Relax and Breathe

The relax and breath is an exercise designed to build your child's attention and emotional control.

These exercises also teach your child to use breathwork when stressed to calm themselves , so they can act more thoughtfully and effectively.

Brain Training

This module features brain training games, including visual sweeps, eye for detail, divided attention,  and more.

As your child plays, they'll earn points that allow them to earn achievement badges and level up to continue progressively building their cognitive skills.

The days where you can stop worrying and start enjoying your relationship with your child are right around the corner…

Are you ready to take the first steps?

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