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Micaela Deegan, RYT-200

Micaela is a certified Sound Healer (Levels 1, 2 & Expert) and Crystal & Chakra Healer program graduate of Life Changing Energy, a registered and accredited institute of the CMA (Complementary Medical Association). I began my healing journey in 2019 after stumbling through 30+ years on this planet with many wounds. Through yoga I was introduced to sound healing and I have never experienced anything that resonates with my soul so deeply. For myself, sound healing is a modality that provides a safe space and sonic nourishment to anyone who is open to experiencing a transformative, energetic shift. Sound alchemy opened my heart up to the energetic changes that were needed for me to begin making the shifts necessary to realign my mind, body and soul. Through sound healing I have been gifted self-discovery, personal transformation, an intuitive passion and a creative expression that not only helps my healing, but anyone within range that can hear or feel the music. It is now my purpose to share with whomever is open to accept and attune to the harmony that sound healing offers. Micaela has also a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and now offers yoga classes at RSW.  

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